Australian Cobberdogs:
The Ultimate Companion for
Australian Families

Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs was born on a stunning rural property in the beautiful Mount Warning hinterland of Northern New South Wales, Australia.  

We are a fully licensed and registered MDBA breeder, and receives mentorship from Mellodie Wooley, who is notable for her work with Tegans Australian Cobberdogs. 

We have now relocated to another beautiful slice of paradise in Yatala on the Gold Coast hinterland.

Fully Licensed Breeder

Australian Cobberdogs, the Perfect Companion for Australian Families.

Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs are born on a stunning rural property in the beautiful Mount Warning hinterland of Northern NSW; just a short drive from the quaint country town of Murwillumbah.

The Dog that Adapts to Your Lifestyle

The Australian Cobberdog is its own unique breed. Important characteristics of the Australian Cobberdog include:


Low to non-shedding fur, suitable for everyone


Renowned for being excellent with children and special needs people of all ages


Always ready for affection and super loving


Easy to train, with a kind and even temperament

Tegan Flashdance & Tegan Vineyard Romance
Located in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia

Why Choose Misty Creek Rose Puppy?

Ethical and Responsible Breeding Program at Misty Creek Rose

At Misty Creek Rose, we take pride in our commitment to providing ethical and responsible breeding services. We do not support puppy farms or breeding kennels, and we ensure that our breeding program is fully compliant with ethical standards.

Our puppies are born in a dedicated area of our home with 24/7 supervision and care. They are exposed to various different sounds, sights, textures, and surfaces to help them develop into healthy and well-rounded dogs.

We only breed from the healthiest parents. All parent dogs undergo full health testing for any hereditary diseases, as well as Hip & Elbow, eye health certification, heart & Pre-breeding screening tests. We provide a health guarantee against all tested genetic diseases.  Each puppy comes with their respective Orivet Full Panel Genetic Health Report.

Our Mums and Dads are either our own much-loved family pets or live full-time with a loving Guardian family.  

What’s Next?

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What is an Australian Cobberdog?

The Australian Cobberdog, was founded and developed by a daughter and mother team here in Australia –  Mellodie Wooley of Tegan’s Park Breeding & Research Center and Beverley Rutland Manners of Rutland’s Manor.

In 2012, the Australian Cobberdog was recognized and registered with the MDBA as a pure breed in development.

The Australian Cobberdog is a highly intelligent, friendly, sociable and joyful breed that comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Lovingly known as ACDs, Australian Cobberdogs are good with children and special needs people of all ages; are easy to train; low to non-shedding; and get along well with other dogs and most other animals. Although obviously loyal to their own family, a true Australian Cobberdog is friendly and completely non-aggressive with strangers.