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Located in the beautiful Northern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

About Us....

Dogs have always been a part of my life since I was seven years old. My parents were both dog enthusiasts, and we had various breeds of dogs as I grew up. I was never without my furry best friend. 

However, my journey with Australian Cobberdogs began after the passing of my beloved Golden Retriever, Nini, in December 2018.

I felt lost without her companionship and began researching non-shedding dog breeds since my late husband, Richard, was particular about dogs that shed a lot. My main criteria were that the dog could live both indoors and outdoors and be a part of the family. This is how I came across Tegan’s Australian Cobberdogs and was intrigued by their characteristics. My interest led me to Mellodie and Len at Tegan’s Australian Cobberdogs, where I met their dogs and gained more information.

I was fortunate to start my journey as a Guardian for Tegan Flash Dance, aka Flash, in 2019, and as my appreciation and love for the breed grew, so did my desire to help preserve and develop these exceptional dogs. 

I am privileged to be mentored by Mel, one of the breed’s founders, who has been instrumental in my journey. I have learned so much from her in the last five years and continue to do so. She is not only my mentor but also a valued friend. 

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Tegan's Flash Dance


Sharcum Little Gingerbread Man "Alfie"

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