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Located in the Beautiful Tweed Valley, Northern New South Wales, Australia

About Us....

Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs is a family business, and my name is Robina; that’s me with Richard, my hubby (left) and Tegan Flashdance is in the middle.

I have always grown up with dogs and had my first dog at the age of 7. Both my parents were dog lovers and we had various breeds of dogs as I was growing up so I was never without my best friend.

My journey with the Australian Cobberdogs began after the passing of our beloved Golden Retriever, Nini in Dec 2018.  When she passed, I was lost without her companionship and started researching into non-shedding dog breeds that could live both indoors and outdoors.  Through my research, I stumbled across Tegan’s Australian Cobberdogs.  

I was so intrigued with their characteristics that I promptly arranged to visit Mellodie and Len at Tegan’s for more information and to meet their dogs.  Shortly after this meeting, I was lucky enough to start my journey as a Guardian for Tegan Flashdance aka Flash.

As my appreciation and love for the Australian Cobberdog grew, so did my desire to help preserve and develop these very special dogs by becoming a breeder. I am extremely blessed to have both founders of the Australian Cobberdogs, Mellodie and Len of Tegan Australian Cobberdogs as well as Beverley Manners of Rutland’s Manor as my breeding mentors.

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