Coat Characteristics

Coat should be single, low to non shedding, of even thickness and a fine silky fleece texture. It must not be at all thick, heavy or dry; neither should it hang in wavy or loose ringlets. 

The Australian Cobberdog coat description and characteristics were derived from the Angora goat. This gives means the coat resembles a natural fibre that has more moisture content than hair, giving it a soft silky feel; not a soft, fluffy feel.

It collects in groups of growth called staples and is light reflective, giving it a shiny, fine, silky look. The Fleece has low to no shedding; neither do the skin cells around the follicle. The Fleece does not have a dog smell; it has no specific smell at all.

There are two acceptable coats for Australian Cobberdog Breed standard:
Wavy Fleece and Curly Fleece.

Tegan Vineyard Romance

The Wavy Fleece: Also commonly known as Straight Coat

Silky fine texture, it should look and feel light and luxurious. The coat gathers into soft clusters called staples that hang in waves and swirls. Most colours are light-reflective giving an added lustre.  The wavy fleece is slightly curly when clipped or cut, but relaxes with length. 

Tegan Flashdance

The Curly Fleece: Also known as Spiral Fleece

Falls in more defined curls giving it a spiral appearance. Staples are more defined. When cut or clipped the spirals curl more tightly than a wavy coat and can increase the density feel of the coat.  It maintains the fleece qualities making it possible to regrow to full length. As the coat lengthens the curls quickly relax and fall downward into spirals. The Spiral fleece can be slightly heavier than the Wavy fleece, though lighter is better.

Photo Courtesy of Tegan Australian Cobberdogs

The Wool Coat is a fault

Australian Cobberdogs should not have a wool coat.

The Smooth Coat 

The Australian Cobberdog should not have a smooth coat; however there seems to be a distinct connection between the smooth coat and their fabulous character and connection to people. In general they are soft, gentle natured and very easy to train – even for beginners. Once they have changed from puppy fluff to their adult coat, Smooth coats do shed – although generally not as much as other shedding breeds.