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Hello Robyn and Greg

Its taken a year for me to finally sit down and write to you about our beautiful boy Gromit ( after WEallace and Gromit)

We have been so happy with our boy from day one the selection work done by yourself and with Kylie the trainer has really made such a huge difference to the beautiful boy we have today. The early training and work put into the breeding and early socialisation is evident. He was quick to house train and eager to please.

3rd December 2021 our boy passed his PAT ( public access test for assistance dogs) with flying colours making him a fully accredited assistance dog, at only 19 months both the trainer Em- at Paws for Assistance in Melbourne and I were surprised at his maturity, calm nature & love for public work.

It’s hard to believe Gromit bear has proudly been working as a qualified assistance dog for a full year. He works with my 13 year old son A ( who shares his birthday 20/4 ). Gromit is quite the ambassador for cobberdogs turning heads with his flowing black coat, whenever he’s in public. Gromit is calm, gentle and loves people. He enjoys trips in the car, walks on the beach and camping in the summer – yes he sleeps in the tent. Gromit is happy on trains, trams and buses. He joins us on trips to the doctors, hospital, school and therapists.

He regularly attends riding for disabled and is interested in the big horses but never afraid. He loves coming into school and helping A make social contact with his peers. He loves to play with other dogs but prefers humans and can often be found at my feet whenever I sit down.

I’d like to say it’s all been hearts and roses but we all know it’s not true he was a puppy which brings with it “puppy challenges” biting and peeing on the floor, barking and fear that we did the wrong thing adding a dog to our chaotic family life, along with Melbourne covid lockdowns and home schooling, and children with disabilities.But with the help of our trainer and regular short quick training sessions, he quickly matured and settled.

We are so happy with him and never hesitate to recommend you as a breeder and hope one day to add another Ridgy Didge dog to our family. Thankyou for giving our boy the best start in life and you can be proud he’s a qualified working dog just like his uncle. and cousins.

{Grommit is Harpers brother, such great dogs, their brother in The Netherlands Onyx has just passed his test for a hospital dog. Their uncle Blazer is an assistance dog & Uncle Raven a school dog.}