Guardian Program

Tegan Look At Me aka Louie

Guardian Program

Guardian homes are thoughtfully chosen to provide a humane and compassionate alternative to breeding facilities and unethical puppy mills.


All puppies selected for our breeding program undergo DNA testing to ensure they are free from various diseases and exhibit the desired coat and color characteristics. They are selected based on optimal health, impeccable conformation, and outstanding temperament.


This is our dedication to producing top-quality, healthy puppies for both our families and the breed.


Guardianship opportunities are exclusively available to families residing within a convenient one to 1.5-hour drive from Yatala, QLD for female Guardians, while male Guardians need to be within a one-hour drive radius.

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes will welcome a prospective breeding puppy into their home and raise it as their own fur-family member with no purchase cost. Misty Creek Rose retains all breeding rights to this puppy.  Once a Guardian dog has fulfilled its breeding contract, the Guardian Family is responsible for having the dog desexed and all costs associated with the procedure and the contract ends. Once proof of desexing is provided to Misty Creek Rose, the contract ends and the dog belongs to the Guardian family forever.

Misty Creek Rose will pay all expenses pertaining to breeding, hip & elbow scoring and DNA testing. The Guardian family is responsible for the usual ongoing costs of keeping a pet dog including vet bills such as vaccinations, worming, food, tick & flea prevention, council registrations, pet insurance, obedience classes etc.

If you have a female guardian, then at the appropriate time we will ask you to bring her back to stay at Misty Creek Rose premises for a week. During this time she will “honeymoon” with her chosen male. We will call you to collect her as soon as she is mated and she will remain with your family until a few days before her puppies are due. You will then need to bring her back to us, where she will stay at Misty Creek Rose to give birth and raise her babies until they are weaned.  

Once the babies are weaned, we will call you to collect your girl and take her home. This will happen twice, occasionally three times (at our discretion). We will send you regular updates on how your girl and her puppies are doing.  We do not encourage visitation at this point as it stresses out the mothers.  

Depending on how your girl handles her pregnancy, she may be mated on her next cycle or we may choose to wait till the following cycle.  Upon completion of her contract, you (the Guardian) will organise with a licensed vet and pay for her to be de-sexed.  Upon receipt of proof from the Vet that she has been de-sexed, we will send you her registration papers and she is yours to keep forever and at no cost.

Tegan Flashdance
Tegan Look At Me with his sister, Roxy


If you are the Guardian of a male you may need to bring him to us for three to six short visits before he is neutered and you are given complete ownership. The timeline for a male could be 3 to 5 years even though he may not have many matings. 

At Misty Creek Rose it’s all about genetics and breeding the very best Australian Cobberdogs possible; not breeding as many puppies as possible for a fast buck with no regard for ongoing health, vitality and therapy traits of the breed as a whole.

As a Guardian, we offer you first preference for a second puppy; either as a second Guardian or to purchase outright if you prefer. We also guarantee that, regardless of our wait-list, you will be first in line if you wish to buy one of your current Guardian dogs’ puppies.



If you are interested in joining our Guardian Program, please apply HERE.