Great Mates Stuck on You “Pearl”

A Brief Introduction to Pearl


In October 2022, we welcomed Pearl to our program. Originally from Great Mates, located in Southern New South Wales, she was acquired as a breeding adult from a breeder who was downsizing their operations.

Pearl is a Cream small medium girl who has earned quite a reputation for her sweet nature and fabulous temperament. She is kind, affectionate, and lives happily with her loving guardian family in Tweed Heads.



Sire: Great Mates Nathon
Dam: Great Mates Clementine 

Health & Traits Report

Genetic Health Report

Orivet Full Breed Profile: Clear of 34 inheritable diseases At risk 0

Hip & Elbow Reports

PennHip  DI Right  .38   DI Left  .29
CHED:  Lavelle’s 6
ELBOWS  Negative for elbow dysplasia.


Cu/Cuc, FF