Ash Tree Farm Sunlit Freya “Freya”

A Brief Introduction to Freya

Freya is a stunning cream coloured girl with rose pigment.  She has a gorgeous temperament and is an absolute sweetheart.  She loves the outdoors, playing with her other cobberdog sister, Aria (Tegan’s Flash & Rutlands Zorro) and her best friend, her human little sister.  

Freya is a medium girl standing at 49.5cm to her withers.  Freya will be joining our breeding program in 2025.


Sire: Spring Hills Fergus
Dam: Spring Hills Sunlit

Health & Traits Report

Genetic Health Report  

Orivet Full Breed Profile: Clear of 32 inheritable diseases Carrier 0

HIP & Elbow Reports

  1. PennHip  DI Right  .40   DI Left  .39
  2. ELBOWS  Negative for elbow dysplasia.


Cu/Cu, IC Carrier