Sharcum Little Gingerbread Man “Alfie”

Introducing Alfie....

Alfie was acquired from Rutland’s Australian Cobberdogs when he was approximately 10 months old.  Despite his young age, he has successfully sired 3 beautiful litters for Beverley.  He has since sired 3 other litters for Tegan’s Australian Cobberdogs.

Alfie is a beautiful and handsome dark gold medium boy with rose pigment.  He is a very affectionate boy and loves his cuddles.  He is a smart and intelligent boy with a dose of goofiness. His eyes are his main feature as they draw you in.  He is quite the foodie.

Alfie currently lives with me as the resident stud. 


Sire: Great Mates Zachery
Dam: Ridgy Didge Meg

STUD AVAILABILITY Yes with contractual restrictions

Pedigree available upon request

Health Report


Orivet Full Breed Profile: Clear of 38 inheritable diseases At risk 0


PennHip Right DI: 0.63  Left DI: 0.58

OFA RESULT  Fair Hip Joint Conformation as compared with other individuals of same breed and age.

ELBOWS  Negative for elbow dysplasia.


Cu/Cu; F/F

Photos courtesy of Rutland's Australian Cobberdogs