Tegan’s I am Stuck On You Too “Theo”

Introducing Theo...

Theo is our miniature stud muffin from Pearl & Tug.

He is an extremely affectionate pup who loves nothing more than hanging with his humans. He is a very fast learner, loves his routine and extremely intelligent. He has a smile on his face 24/7 and is the kind of dog that no matter how bad your day has been, just being around him makes everything better & brighter. 

He lives with his feline and human family on the Gold Coast.



Sire: Tegan’s Vineyard Romance
Dam: Great Mates Pearl

STUD AVAILABILITY Yes with Contractual Restrictions

Health Report

DNA clear – Orivet Full Breed Profile: Clear of 31 inheritable diseases At risk 0
PennHip  DI Right  .34   DI Left  .32
OFA RESULT  Good Hip Joint Conformation as compared with other individuals of same breed and age.
ELBOWS  Negative for elbow dysplasia.