Tegan's Vineyard Romance "Tug"

Introducing Tug...

Meet Tug, a miniature Red boy whose mere presence ignites a spark of joy. 

As the first male red miniature Australian Cobberdog to grace our lives, he holds the promise of an illustrious breeding program. 

Tug, a gentle and kindred spirit, embodies the very essence of love. With a heart that yearns for embraces and a soul that cherishes both furry and human companionship, Tug’s serene nature belies a fierce spirit.

 Though small in stature, he radiates a potent energy that has gifted us with breathtaking puppies, and we are not the only ones to have been blessed. Tegan’s Australian Cobberdogs whom Tug was purchased from, has had Tug sired numerous litters and each progeny has been absolutely stunning with his temperament, looks and traits shining through each one.

Tug’s existence, a blessing in itself, is shared with his beloved guardian family in QLD, including his sister cat, who undoubtedly basks in his loving aura.


Sire: Tegan’s Cabernet Souvignon
Dam: Tegan’s All Eyes on Me

STUD AVAILABILITY  Yes with Contractual Restrictions.

Pedigree is available upon request.

Health Report

Paw Print Genetics Full Breed Profile: Clear of all inheritable diseases
Carrier:  1

CHED (Lavelle’s)  R 3 L 4
ELBOWS  Negative for elbow dysplasia.

Cu/Cu, F/F