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A true Australian Cobberdog (ACD) displays symmetry and balance, with light-footed athleticism and lively joyful aura. Overall balance and symmetry are more important than absolute size.

Australian Cobberdogs Breed Standard Colors

Info extracted from MDBA Breed Standards for Australian Cobberdogs.


  • Belongs to the Rare colour group
  • Dark rich brown with rose pigment
  • Puppies are usually born very dark brown


  • Milk Chocolate to silver beige which develops over time
  • Pigment is Rose


  • Belongs to the Rare colour Group 
  • Grey/pewter in colour to charcoal
  • Born Black and colours develop over a few years due to a greying gene
  • Pigment must be black


  • Colour varies from rich gold (not to be mistaken for Red) to the colour of the ripe inside of a ripe apricot.
  • Pigment are either Black or Rose


  • White has pale lemon highlights . 
  • Pigments are either Black or Rose


  • Coat is patched, usually two colours (such as brown or black) on a white background
  • White in the coat must be at 50% or more
  • Pigment is usually rose


  • A True Raven has a highly reflective coat.
  • Pigment must be black and eyes dark brown.
  • Raven belongs to the Solid Group
  • The skin of a Raven is dark almost a blue tone
  • Ravens can have white markings


  • Black with no other colours through the coat
  • Black dogs will brown off significantly if they spend a lot of time in the sun. The term for this is “sun bleaching”.
  • Pigment must be black


  • Reds belong to the Rare group
  • A Solid even rich colour from chestnut red through to deep mahogany
  • Pigment is Black or Rose


  • Shades of white with yellow tint of varying shades.
  • Pigment is Black or Rose


  • Milk Chocolate to Silver Beige which develops over time
  • Pigment is Rose


  • Sometimes described as “cowlike”, piebald coats typically feature asymmetrical white spotting with areas of color making them extra unique in appearance. 
  • Pigments can be either black or rose.


Pigment refers to colour of the nose and the skin lining around the eyes, lip rims and on the pads of a dog’s paws. 

There are two distinct pigment colours in the Australian Cobberdog namely Black and Rose or commonly known as liver (in other breeds).

Tegan Flashdance on the left has Rose pigment whilst Tegan Vineyard Romance on the right has Black.

Tegan Flashdance & Tegan Vineyard Romance