The Australian Cobberdog is a highly intelligent, friendly, sociable, energetic and joyful breed. They are immediately ready to make friends with humans or other animals when  invited to do so. When approached and/or handled, they will immediately divert their attention to the one  who is touching them. Unlike most breeds of dog where direct eye contact is seen as a threat, ACDs will actively seek eye contact with an inquiring expression.

They may be exuberant, joyful and bouncy, but never hyper-active or busy. Their unique intuitive nature and the seeking of direct human eye contact is easily discernible. It is the unique temperament of the Australian Cobberdog that sets it apart from all other breeds. 

The Australian Cobberdog is a medium prey-drive dog;  making them a keen and easy dog to train. They possess  intuition and a unique ability to feel the physical and emotional state of the people they come into contact with. This ability to “know” is what has made the Australian Cobberdog an excellent animal for individuals with special needs. 

Purpose bred for specialist therapy, assistance, hearing, guide and seizure alert work; with their joyful, quirky personality and athleticism they also make excellent sport and agility dogs.