Testimonials and Stories

I’m not a dog person. But I have PTSD and my doctor said I needed one. So, I went looking for a breed that would meet my needs. No shedding, get along with the family, and be trained to be my service dog when I’m out and about. Unlike some of the other breeders out there Robina took the time to understand my needs, she was gentle in guiding me, yet firm in assuring me that I was on the right track. She was more than right! After answering all my questions (and some!) Robina chose the perfect dog for us. Alora - even not yet fully trained - has been exactly the therapy I needed. Even in ways I didn’t know I needed. She instinctively KNOWS me, she is loyal and faithful to meet my specific needs, she joined our family like she’d been there for years. She often makes me laugh and has the hallmarks of a superior service dog. Her size, temperament and coat are nothing but excellent. I’m still not a dog person. BUT.. I AM a believer in Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs. Blessed beyond anything to have found Robina, bought a puppy and have Alora as a part of my PTSD therapy team and family!
Tally came into our family so that our 2 year old Groodle ‘Little Champion” could have a little sister to play with. She has fitted into our family seamlessly and is the most kindhearted and cuddly dog. When she’s not running around or swimming with Little Champion she can be found snuggled up on the couch, cuddling a human family member or sprawled out in the middle of the living room floor. Tally has grown up around a lake and loves to swim in the water and chase sticks up and down the sand. Our youngest child was 15 months old when we first took in Tally and they immediately took to each. Tally has a fantastic temperament and displays great patience when she frequently gets poked, prodded and pulled all over the place. She loves to come up and wrap her front paws around you to give you a cuddle and she makes the most fantastic noises when she’s being scratched or cuddled, some sort of cross between a moan and a snort. She is a beautiful girl and a very valuable member of our family.
Tom Williams & Family