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Tegan Sheer Delight

Ready for a Australian Cobberdog?

By now you have learnt all about the wonderful Australian Cobberdog and have decided that this is the new fur-baby for your family, assistance, medic alert or therapy dog needs.

If you have reached the stage where you are looking around at various breeders trying to decide who you should contact with regard to your new baby, we would strongly advise that you check with the Master Dog Breeders Associates website for a list of registered breeders in your state.

Misty Creek Rose Accrediation

The MDBA is the ONLY official registration body for Australian Cobberdogs. If a breeder is not registered with the MDBA then their dogs are NOT recognised as Australian Cobberdogs, whatever they may say. Unfortunately, with the increasing popularity of our breed, comes an increase in “backyard” breeders trying to pass off their puppies as Australian Cobberdogs.

If you want to be assured that your new puppy has, for generations, been healthy and personality screened, DNA tested for a variety of hereditary conditions, vet-checked and then assigned to you on the basis of what you need from your puppy, then ONLY buy from a registered ACD breeder. To ensure your puppy conforms to the original genetic blueprint for a true ACD then only buy from a Tegans’ mentored breeder, such as Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs.

With a Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdog you are not only welcoming a healthy, beautiful, kind, intuitive and supportive canine into your family; you are joining a support team that will be with you every step of the way to ensure your new puppy grows to be the best it can be, and better than you could ever have hoped for.

Puppy Character Development

At Misty Creek Rose we wait until our puppies have developed their individual traits and personalities before we assign them to their new family. This mean it is essential that, as a family, you sit down, discuss and agree on exactly what you need and expect from your new doggy family-member. You will also need to agree on “puppy rules” and who is going to take charge of training. Then tell us everything you are looking for, so that we know exactly which puppy will fit right into your family.

You may have to wait a little longer for your Misty Creek Rose ACD to be assigned, but that’s because we prefer to wait until we are sure we have the perfect match for your needs.

At MCR we believe that training and socialization is vital to the happiness and success of your new doggy relationship. 

Our recommended trainer is Rhonda Robinson from Top Dog Academy based in Cabarita Beach, NSW and Nikki Bignell from Therapy & Support Animals Australia in Cedarvale, QLD.

Puppy Training with Rhonda

Rhonda will show you how to set yourselves and your new puppy up for success from the day you bring him or her home, to well into the future. Puppies will be puppies and that is still true with Australian Cobberdogs. However, Rhonda will show you how to deal with nipping, chewing, barking, toileting and other perfectly normal puppy behaviours that can become a problem without the correct guidance and management.

Remember that Australian Cobberdogs are extremely intelligent, so if you don’t know how to cope with the perfectly normal “testing of parameters” that all puppies, regardless of breed, go through; then you could be setting yourself and your puppy up for frustration, failure and disappointment into the future.

Before your puppy comes home, at MCR we would have already started with socialisation, crate and toilet training.

Rhonda will show you how to continue with both so you can enjoy your puppy to the fullest without worrying about accidents and separation anxiety.

Tegan Look at Me (Courtesy of Tegan Australian Cobberdogs)

Further Support

If you’re not sure what you will need in the way of supplies for your new puppy, then we can offer advice on any and every aspect of starting life with your new fur family-member: from size of crate to toys, inoculations, diet and exercise.

If we haven’t already included the information you seek in our Puppy-book, then we are only an email, text or phone call away if you need more advice.